How to Lose Your Office Weight Loss Challenge: Be a Genius!

Five Critical Mistakes Most Will Make in their Weight Loss Competition at the Office

It is weight loss season in workplaces across America.  Cash will be pooled together.  Walking partners will pair up.  Carbs will be cut.  The mad dash is on to prove who can cut weight like a high school wrestler before a big tournament.

When it comes to the weight loss challenge at the office, the good news and the bad news are one and the same: EVERYONE is a health genius!  Everyone knows to deprive the body of carbs.  Everyone knows cardio, and getting the heart rate in the “fat burning zone”, is the ticket to exercise.  Everyone knows water pills and caffeine pills can help cut those last few pounds.

Hey geniuses, you are going to lose your competition.  And in the event that flawed logic and unwise health decisions lead  you to the winner’s circle, you will also win the unoffficial “Biggest Gainer” competition in the weeks following your weight loss challenge.

In the month of September two of my clients won their weight loss/fat loss challenges.  The winnings combined to be worth over $3,000.    One guy lost 14 lbs in 21 days to win his competition…and did it the right way.  Another client (a lady) lost 9% body fat in 8 weeks to take the crown in her challenge.   While I am glad their efforts resulted in a competitive win, I am more pleased in the route that was taken and the focus that was paired with their effort.

How can you have success in your office weight loss challenge like my clients experienced?  Don’t do what the geniuses do!

Genius Weight Loss Mistake #1: Not Sticking With Your Guns

Any time we are trying to slim down, adding muscle needs to be part of the equation.   Geniuses think muscle weighs more fat.  While it is effectively true, it is technically and tactically false.  The truth is that muscle cells burn 70% more calories than fat cells.   In addition, lifting weights can have a positive impact on metabolism for up to 39 hours after a workout.  The bottom line is that building muscle is the winning way to trim down the waist line…and the scale.  So grab some dumbbells and work those biceps and turn them into guns.   Challenge your big muscles with weights (back and leg groups specifically).  Weight training wins more weight loss competitions than cardio.

Genius Weight Loss Mistake #2:  Engaging the “Fat Burning Zone”

First, let me say that cardio is an important piece of any fitness plan.  But I will also say that there are a lot of overweight marathon runners out there.  Can I get an amen?

Walking and running same pace for the sake of getting the heart rate to obey the “fat burning zone” is bad math and bad science.  What?!  I can hear your inner John McEnroe saying, “You CANNOT be serious!  My trainer told me…”

While geniuses will be walking and jogging, my clients are changing their walking pace (or running pace) every 15-30 seconds.  Intervals are the way to go.  You will burn more calories in shorter time with intervals.  You will sweat more (calories burned!) and work your lungs harder…even with intervals at a walking pace.  Burning fat needs to be triggered by nutrition, not exercise.  To learn how to bust your fat with nutrition, you will need to contact me (   Short of talking with me, trust me when I say that walking and jogging same pace for over 30 seconds is a losing proposition for your weight loss goals.

Genius Weight Loss Mistake #3: Cutting the Wrong Carbs

Is America addicted to carbs?  Without a doubt.  Does that mean that all carbs need to go.  Not a chance.

Breads need to go.  So do pastas.  And even your brown rice.  Where should the focus be?  Legumes and veggies.

The people most likely to win a weight loss challenge are those who up their fiber significantly and treat their organs to slow-digesting carbs.  Legumes and veggies help you accomplish both objectives.

But what about fruit?  Cheat day, homey.  And yes you need a cheat day…which I’ll cover in the next installment.

For now, if you want to win your weight loss or fat loss challenge at the office, contact me.  I’m good for 15 minutes of free advice.  If you are already a genius, get ready to finish a distant second.

Adam Erwin is a fitness and nutrition coach.  He helps people solve their biggest health problem.  To learn how to reduce/eliminate medications for cholesterol, blood pressure, type II diabetes, asthma,  and triglycerides, email Adam here:


How Fit People Talk: Say This, Not That!

Three Phrases That Transform Fat to Fit!

As I finish watching my second episode of “Heavy” on Netflix, I am reminded that a major mind shift is mandatory for a major body shift.  Thinking and saying the right thing is imperative to arriving at our health goals!

Sadly, most of us get caught up in saying what most people say when trying to transform from fat to fit.  Most people say the wrong things, which means they think the wrong things.

Here are three phrases that will help get your mind right, your words right, and help you hit your health goals!

Say This: I’m On a Mission!      Not That: I’m On a Diet.

Fit people, and people who are pursuing being fit, are on a mission.  When someone offers them a brownie, they say, “No thanks, I’m on a mission here!”  Fat people are always “on a diet.”

People who diet feel like they are living through temporary punishment…which means there seems to be an unnecessary emphasis on the first three letters in the word diet.  They feel like they are dying!

Being on a mission is entirely different.  It is positive, captivating, and it even sparks interest from others.  Virtually every adult has “been on a diet”, but very few have considered themselves “on a mission!”

Make sure to fire the phrase “I’m on a diet” and replace it with “I’m on a mission!”  When someone asks you about your mission, talk about your fitness and nutrition plan.  Fit people do.

Say This: what do i need to eat?      Not That:what do i want to eat?

Fit people feed their body.  Fat people feed their cravings.  The funny thing is, cravings take control when we focus on what we want instead of focusing on what we need.

If we ask ourselves “What do I want to eat?”, our brain will search through the list of our favorite vices.  Brain will answer, “chocolate peanut butter ice cream!” or “pizza!” or “Zebra Cakes!!!”.  Silly brain.

If we ask ourselves “What do I need to eat?”, our brain will take inventory of our recent food and exercise, then spit out the right answer.  Brain will answer, “grilled chicken and roasted asparagus” or “protein shake” or “southwestern omelet with eggs, green peppers, spinach, and onions!”  Awesome.

To get the right answer from our brain, it is imperative to ask the right question.  Drill into your brain, “What do I need to eat?”  It’s what fit people say!

Say This: It’s time to be the hardest-working person in the gym!      Not That: i need to go workout.

Everyone has a gear, an extra gear, that can be tapped into when we DECIDE to get our butt in gear.  When it’s time to exercise, do so with purpose.  Be the hardest worker in the gym, or the hardest walker on the block.  Get in the zone instead of zoning out.  Hop on an elliptical and stay plugged in by doing short intervals instead of watching TV while moving .2 miles per hour.

Our stress level, cardiovascular system, circulatory system, lymphatic system, and respiratory system CANNOT WAIT for us to engage them.  Be the hardest working man or woman on the block!  Get after it in the gym.  Tap into your inner best.  Have fun with it!  This is what fit people do!

Adam Erwin is a fitness and nutrition coach.  Based in Minneapolis, Adam helps people solve their biggest health problem which include high cholesterol, type II diabetes, asthma, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, and others!

Do You Need a 15 Lbs., Two-Week Turnaround?

Fitness and Nutrition Coach Offers $50, 14-Day Plan to Get Slim During the Most Fattening Time of the Year

The average American adult will gain eight lbs. over the holidays.  EIGHT POUNDS!!!!  If you can’t afford to gain eight more lbs. this holiday season, I’d like to help create a 15 lbs. gap between you and the rest of America this December.  And it will only take 14 days to do it!

I am here to announce the December 10th launch of the brand new 15 Lb, Two-Week Turnaround. From December 10th-23rd, you and 29 others can:

  • Lose unhealthy weight around your mid-section and attack fat!
  • Spark your metabolism to get a head start on 2010!
  • Give your body what it needs to fight off flu season more effectively!
  • Increase your energy to power through your day!
  • Show up for your holiday destination looking your best!

For the first 30 people who register (using the PayPal link below or contacting me for a $25 discount offer), I will offer the following:

  1. 14-day meal plan including the exact foods and amounts to eat!
  2. 14-day exercise plan that features online videos and workout sheets to track your progress (choose either the home program or gym program)!
  3. A grocery list for each week so you know exactly what to buy at the store!
  4. Daily blog that teaches you WHY we do WHAT we do (and offers special deals on jewelry massage and more…deals subject to geographic limitations)!
  5. A full list of recommended supplements to help you maximize this program AND beyond!
  6. $50 discount on a 28-day program for 2010!
  7. Recommendations for how to attack 2010 healthfully!

To recap, $50 gives you the fitness and nutrition blueprint to lose 7 lbs. in 14 days. “Wait a minute!” you may be thinking….”you said 15 lbs., Adam.” I did. In addition to the 7 lbs. you could lose, this program is helping to spare you from the 8 lbs. of weight gain that may otherwise take place. 7 lbs of possible loss (my record for healthy weight loss for an online client in two weeks is 19 lbs!) and 8 lbs. not gained gives you a 15 lb. turnaround!

To sign up now for one of the 30 spots (as of 7:40pm on December 2nd, 6 spots are already taken). To find out how to reserve your spot (and maybe even for for $25!), send an email to immediately.

30 people will have a chance at a 15 lb. turn around. Will it be you? Registration closes when 30 spots fill up or on December 7th at 11am CTD.

The Truth About Fat Burners and Thermogenics

What to Take Before Your Workout for Optimum Fat and Weight Loss


In 2009 I created a 28-day nutrition and fitness program called Virtual Boot Camp!   Participants averaged 13 lbs. of weight loss during the program in 2009!!! Get 28 days of perfect nutrition and exercise (complete with a grocery list, access to videos, and more!) for only $100 (NOTE: This is the very package I charge thousands for…the only thing you are missing is my physical presence!).  Enrollment ends on January 10th, so click to this website now!

Now, back to the blog…

One of the reasons I became a personal trainer (and now travel the world helping people pull off the most amazing body change possible!) is this: I got tired of hearing stories about personal trainers giving horrible nutrition and supplementation advice. Many personal trainers can name 80% of the muscles in the body, but don’t know how to engage the various types of muscle fibers during workouts, cannot lock in fat loss without the help of a heart rate monitor, and cannot skillfully guide their clients around a nutrition store or grocery store. No wonder so many people who hire trainers struggle to see results!

What Fat Burners and Thermogenics Are Designed to Do

People spend billions of dollars a year on weight-loss supplements. Most of this money goes to fat burners and thermogenics. First of all, fat burners and thermogenics usually belong in the same category. If a supplement raises heart rate (therefore increasing body temperature), it is a thermogenic. A lot of products try to sell a technology as fat burning (and some products, the NxCare’s Methyl Ripped seem to be onto something) when, in reality, they are primarily focused on raising a person’s heart rate.

When a thermogenic raises your heart rate, your body is working harder, which means it is burning more calories. When taking a thermogenic, any exercise feels like an extra effort as far as your heart and metabolism are concerned. Therefore, walking feels like jogging, jogging feels like running, etc. When you burn more calories, you lose more weight.

Unfortunately, most people who use a thermogenic lose muscle! In fact, if a pre-workout thermogenic was the only supplement a person took, they would most certainly lose lots of muscle. Losing muscle would slow down the metabolism over time, paving the way for weight gain…which paves the way for the purchase of more thermogenics. In truth, most thermogenic products create a muscle loss/weight loss/slowed metabolism/weight gain/thermogenic-product-purchase cycle.

What Fat Burners and Thermogenics Need to Succeed

Every client I work with uses one of two fat-burning supplements to coincide with a thermogenic (if indeed it makes sense for them to use one…and it is a per-case basis). Idea #1 is conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a natural nutrient of grass that used to be prevalent in our dairy products when cows were grass fed. When we take a thermogenic (which helps burn more calories) and CLA (which helps burn fat, the RIGHT calories), we end up burning more of the right calories. Idea #2 is to take a very specific pre-workout shake or bar (email me at to find out which shake/bar), which will help yield the optimum fat and weight loss in the gym when taken with a thermogenic/fat burner.

The bottom line is that a thermogenic/fat burner is not a stand alone product. When taken in conjunction with a nutritional piece (CLA or secret idea #2) that locks in fat burning, we can really get somewhere with our bodies in a very short amount of time.

Why I Recommend Thermogenics in Conjunction with Nutrition-Based Fat Loss Supplements

The reason I recommend thermogenics is simple: when taken in conjunction with CLA or secret fat loss shake/bar (send email to learn what it is), the body burns more fat and keeps more muscle, which increases the metabolism and turns a person into a calorie-burning machine over time!

When I work with a client, my end goal for them is for their body to be a natural calorie-burning machine. Whenever fat is subtracted and muscle is added, this is guaranteed to be the case. And this is where most people go wrong: they only take a thermogenic (which typically locks in muscle loss) instead of taking it with a fat-burning-focused nutritional supplement that biochemically forces the body to lock in fat loss and muscle gain.

Supplements are helpful only when they are used correctly. Unfortunately for most of the people who are emptying their pocketbook and schedules to lose weight, they are one or two supplement strategies short of hitting the mark.

Adam Erwin is a personal trainer who travels the world to deliver one-on-one intensive boot camps for those looking to change their body now! His work is documented at  Currently, he resides in Minnepaolis, MN and trains athletes and serious weight-loss clients.

What Do I Get My Personal Trainer for Christmas?

Minneapolis-Based Personal Trainer Helps Clients Master Christmas Etiquette

So you work with a personal trainer and you want to know what to get them for Christmas.  First of all, as a personal trainer, thanks for thinking of us.  We really appreciate it!  And because you care about getting something your personal trainer would enjoy (or you wouldn’t have searched online for trainer gift solutions), here are a few ideas for you:

Personal Trainer Christmas Gift Idea #1: A Session Bonus

The last six weeks of the year can be a slow business period for personal trainers.  It seems like many people move their discretionary dollars from the service industries into retail for the holidays, which makes Christmas a tough time economically for some trainers.  A financial gift equal to a training session is a welcome idea.  Were it not for the session financial gifts I received last year, I would not have been able to get home for Christmas…the end of the year can be that hard for trainers.

Personal Trainer Christmas Gift Idea #2: A Gift Certificate to a Health/Nutrition/Exercise Store

My entire Christmas list this year is workout and nutrition stuff.  There are new protein powders I want to try, new equipment I want to buy so I can be better for my clients, etc.  A great gift idea for your trainer is a gift certificate to a sporting goods store, nutrition/supplement store, or an online store that fits those categories.  We want to serve you better in 2010, and having a chance to pick up new tools for torture and new drinks to make you gag is how we love to spend our money.

Personal Trainer Christmas Gift Idea #3: Help Us Repair Our Body

A personal trainer has several tiny workouts a day.  Every time we demonstrate an exercise or spot a client and help them move a weight around, we are beating up our body.  A hot stone or deep tissue massage or chiropractic adjustment would do wonders for the body that we have broken to make your body better.

Personal Trainer Christmas Gift Idea #4: A Melaleuca Membership

We like top of the line health products!  We also like being a resource for our clients when they have cholesterol issues, blood pressure issues, sleep issues, and fat-burning issues.  In 2009 I helped several clients avoid cholesterol/blood pressure/diabetes medication because of products from a company called Melaleuca.    Melaleuca has some of the greatest products on the planet for health and body change.  Help us take care of our body and help us be a resource for you by getting us going on a Melaleuca membership.  I love my Melaleuca membership!!!  To learn how to get one for your trainer, email me (!

Personal Trainer Christmas Gift Idea #5: Referrals!

The economy is not going to tighten down for everyone.  Help us connect with people who need our help!  We love new business!  If we have done a great job with you, please refer us to your business associate, friend, or church member who is looking to make a change!  Chances are good that we welcome new business!

What Do I Do If I Don’t Want To Get My Trainer Something For Christmas?

Giving should always be a want, not an obligation.  If you feel obligated to get something for your trainer for Christmas, give them a card and a $10 gift certificate to McDonald’s…then take a picture as they open their “gift” :).  If you don’t feel like getting your trainer anything for Christmas, you need a new trainer!  I want to talk with you if you do not feel connected to your trainer, excited about the progress they have helped you make, or if you simply feel as though it is time for a change!

I love my line of work and love the people I work with.  On behalf of all the trainers out there, thank you for choosing to work with us!  And thanks for remembering us during the Christmas season!

Adam Erwin is an in-home personal trainer who travels the world to work with people who are ready to put excuses aside and work hard to change their body.  Visit to learn more about what Adam does, who he works with, and how you can have him come and work with you!  A Minneapolis resident, Adam will work close to home (Eden Prairie, Wayzata, Minnetonka, Edina) or will travel to your location (San Diego, Miami, Phoenx, Sydney Australia) to work with you.

Eat Lots and Get Skinny on Thanksgiving!

How to Help Your Body Maximize Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving should be a guilt-free holiday for your body.  In fact, you can even use Thanksgiving to drop a pound or two if you play your cards right.  Here’s how to help your body maximize Thanksgiving…

1) Eat light on Wednesday.  Front-load your calories the day before Thanksgiving (consume 1,000 before 3pm).  Have a light dinner (4-6 oz. of a protein source with a light veggie) and drink lots of water in the evening.

2) Start your Thanksgiving Day with fiber!  I think a fiber in powder form is better than pill form, but pick one and start your day with it.  In addition to helping your digestive track get in line, fiber helps track down toxins in your blood stream.  It’s a great way to start your day everyday, but especially on Thanksgiving.

3) Eat light but don’t skip any meals before the BIG MEAL.  Our metabolism is effectively primed when we eat often.  Eat light and often before the big meal to help charge up your metabolism.  Remember to drink a protein shake after your workout!

4) Do a weight-training-based workout before the BIG MEAL.  Weight training can have a positive impact on our metabolism for up to 39 hours!  By hitting the weights before hitting the feast, your metabolismwill be charged up quite a few hours and will best be able to handle the upcoming caloric load!

5) Enjoy your Thanksgiving meal!  Eat up, and don’t forget dessert!

6) Shut off the foods by 8pm.  I’m arbitrarily picking a time here, but it’s important to stop eating as early in the evening as possible.  I think 8pm is more than reasonable.  After 8pm, stick to water.  Maybe toss in a protein shake in the evening if you are hungry for something.

7) Have a light day of leftovers on Friday.  If we sandwich a high-calorie day (Thanksgiving) with two low-calorie days (Wed. and Fri.), our body will be more able to burn off the Thursday feast (before I get attacked by the training world, read up on caloric shifting…).  Sprinkle in protein, go easy on the carbs, and try to do the #2-#4 from this post on Friday as well.

If you want your body to work for you and not against you this Thanksgiving, use the seven steps above to help your metabolism use your Thanksgiving feast for good.

Adam Erwin is a nutrition and fitness coach.  He works with clients to give them the food and fitness month of their life.  In 2009, Adam’s clients have lost an average of 13 lbs. in the first 28 days of working with him.  To learn more about what it looks like to work with Adam, click to

What Do I Get My Husband/Wife for Christmas?

Minneapolis Personal Trainer Chimes in on Unique Gift Ideas for  Holiday Shoppers

***December 21st update (2:21pm)***

Christmas gift idea #1 (read below) has the potential to cost you $1 instead of $100 (and your significant other would never know the difference!).  Send a phone call to 612-308-4772 and ask for Adam to get the details!  Offer ends on December 22nd at 8pm Central Standard Time.*******

It is crunch time for Christmas shoppers.  In a mad scamper for deals this Christmas season, few of us land the creative and unique gift that best suits our spouse.  Here are a few last-minute ideas that could qualify as “the best Christmas gift ever!”  Please keep in mind that I’m a fitness guy, so each suggestion in this blog will have a fitness/nutrition connection.

Unique  Christmas Gift Idea for Couples With a Budget: Lose 13 lbs. in 28 Days!

Is your spouse dissatisfied with their body?  Do they feel stuck?  In addition to needing to lose a few lbs., are they staring down high cholesterol/high blood pressure/type II diabetes?  Give them access to the program that helps people lose 13 lbs. (on average) in 28 days!

In January of 2009 I launched a brand new program called Virtual Boot Camp.  We had amazing success in 2009 and, with the updates being implements in 2010 we expect even better results (in fact, we implemented a few changes in  October a people dropped an extra 1.7 lbs. on average because of it!).

This 28-day food and fitness program walks people through the best food and fitness month they’ve ever had!  Participants in Virtual Boot Camp:

  • Know exactly what to eat AND WHEN with the 28-day meal plan
  • Know exactly HOW to workout at home or in the gym with the 28-day online workout video program
  • Know exactly what food to buy at the grocery store during Virtual Boot Camp with a weekly grocery list
  • Learn WHY we do WHAT we do with the daily blog!
  • Put themselves in position to use less medication (cholesterol/blood pressure/type II diabetes), get a better health/life insurance rate, and LOVE THE WAY THEY LOOK AND FEEL!

You may be thinking, “But Adam, by giving my husband/wife this gift, I’m calling them fat!”  Under many conditions, that’s true.  But if this is something your spouse really NEEDS, here are two ways to sell it:

1) Ask them in advance.  If you came to them and said, “Look, I hear you talking about how you don’t have any energy, how you feel fat, and how frustrated you are with your body.  I found a program that looks really neat and might be able to get you where you want to go.  I love you the way you are and I want you to feel good about you.  Do you want to take a look at what I found?”  If they say yes, click here!

2) Do it together.  I’ve had quite a few married walk through Virtual Boot Camp together.  Not only do couples get the best results (my top 5 weight-loss stories all come from married couples), their marriage also tend to get a spark (it’s always nice to do something together where your spouse feels like your teammate).  If Virtual Boot Camp was a “we” experience instead of a “you” experience, you will not be calling your spouse fat.  Your Virtual Boot Camp gift will say, “I want both of us to be healthy, and I want to do it together.”  Plus, there is a couples discount for Virtual Boot Camp from now until Nov. 30th.  Send an email to for details!

Unique Last-Minute Christmas Gift Idea for Vacation-Minded Couples: Lose 12 lbs. in 7 Days at the Destination Body Sculpt Boot Camp

It’s 9am.  You and your spouse are on the beach smelling the ocean air, feeling the soft sand underneath your feet, and working on losing 10 lbs. in seven days.  Thanks to a destination body sculpt boot camp, you are eating wonderful meals, enjoying the sand and sun, and feeling the best you have felt in a long, long time.  Where can you sign up for a destination body sculpt boot camp?

The last client I worked with lost 12 lbs. in seven days (he also cut his insulin usage in half as well).  My client record for seven days is 19 lbs!

Maybe you want to shed fat while you hit the slopes.  Perhaps you want to visit Australia or the Bahamas.  Wherever you want your body change and your spouse’s body change to take place, send an email to to start a dialogue about leaving for vacation wearing one size of pants and coming home in a smaller size.

Unique Last-Minute Christmas Gift Idea for Him: Kettlebells and Training DVD

If your man is looking to shed some weight, find his lost energy, and burn calories like he never has before, picking up some kettlebells will do the trick.  Kettlebells are like cannon balls with a handle.  They originated in Russia, and are gaining traction in America as an amazing way to change your body.

While you can buy kettlebells anywhere (and better to buy a 25 lb KB at a sports store instead of buying it online and paying a boatload for shipping),  you must stop by to find the very best in kettlebell training DVDs.  You will need them.  If you want some help on getting kettlebells, send me an email (  I would be glad to help.

Unique Last-Minute Christmas Gift Idea for Her: Leg Magic

Every once in awhile I get to sample a fitness machine.  Two weeks ago I tried Leg Magic…and it is awesome!  Leg Magic works inner thighs, hips, and butt.  It hits many trouble spots for women.  Go to to check it out.

NOTE: Before letting your wife open this gift, have her open a new pair of jeans that is two sizes too small for her….then have her open the Leg Magic.  Instead of her asking, “Do you think I’m fat?”, she will be saying “I can’t wait to fit into these?” 🙂

Unique Last-Minute Christmas Gift Idea for the Health-Deprived: Lower Cholesterol, Lower Blood Pressure, Increased Energy

I literally just got off the phone with a very happy client.  Not only is she down 25 lbs., the results from her recent blood work were amazing!  Her triglycerides were down 103 points and her cholesterol was down 45 points…in 2 months time!

Set your spouse up for a nutrition consultation.

Adam Erwin is an in-home personal trainer who travels the world to work with people who are ready to put excuses aside and work hard to change their body.  Visit to learn more about what Adam does, who he works with, and how you can have him come and work with you!  A Minneapolis resident, Adam will work close to home (Eden Prairie, Wayzata, Minnetonka, Edina) or will travel to your location (San Diego, Miami, Phoenx, Sydney Australia) to work with you.